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The deposit account may be opened by any competent person who has attained the age of majority in accordance with the laws of his or her country.

After completing registration, familiarize yourself with the investment programs, the minimum and maximum deposit amounts. Once decided, go to your personal space and make a deposit by selecting an investment program and amount.

We work with Perfect Money payment system, as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Doge, Etherium, Zcash, Ripple, Stellar cryptocurrencies

In the project, OROToken is used to carry out operations to withdraw funds exceeding $ 500. The cost of the token in TOP INCOME is fixed at $ 2.
If you want to withdraw any amount over $ 500, you need to buy only one OROToken.

Amounts are credited on the accounts of our clients every 24 hours from the moment a deposit account is opened according to the terms and conditions of the investment programs.

Withdrawal to payment systems may take up to 120 hours.
The maximum monthly withdrawal limit is determined by the formula: the monthly withdrawal limit is equal to the passive income received by the participant for the last 30 days plus a percentage of the amount of deposits opened on the withdrawal date. The amount of interest depends on the amount of deposits: 10-300$ is 20%, 300 – 1000 is 30%, 1000 – 2500$ is 40%, 2500$ and more is 50%.
The number of withdrawal requests is also regulated based on the deposit amount: 10-300$ once a week, 300-1000-once every six days, 1000-2500$ — once every five days, 2500$ or more-once every three days


There is no limit on the number of «NEW 150», NEW «200», NEXT «240» deposits.
You may have only one deposit «START», «BUSINES», «PREMIUM», «NEW 50», «NEXT 60» and «INFINITY».

No, you can open another deposit account by selecting an investment program.
You may refill you «INFINITY» deposit in any time.

Your funds are credited to your debit account after you have placed them on the website. From the deposit account, you can open a deposit or transfer funds to another user.
The deposit amount and the accrued interest are taken into account on the deposit account. You can withdraw the deposit at the end of its term. You can withdraw the interest at any time.
Interest is credited on the operating account after it is withdrawn from the deposit account. You can withdraw funds from your operating account to your personal wallet at any time.
In order to withdraw profit from the deposit, you need to transfer it from the deposit account to the operating account. To do this, in the «Deposits» tab, click on your deposit, and then click the «Pick up profit» button . The profit will be credited to the operating account and you can withdraw it from it to your wallet. You can withdraw the profit from the deposit at any time.

If your interest is placed in a deposit account, you will receive an additional income from 0.1 to 0.8% per day on the interest amount.

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