Top Income


Investment programs NEW, NEXT, INFINITY

Start of the programs with a different principle of interest accrual, payment of the deposit body and longer terms.

August DONE

This is a telegram bot, the alternative to your personal account.

September DONE
Start "Top Content"

Start of the division for the production of creative content

September Done
Displaying the referral structure

Displaying the full referral structure in your personal account.

October Presentation
Project presentation in Yekaterinburg

Art conference
NFT and the future of art

October Blogger Cases
Creative photo/video production
November Consulting Centers
Office program

Start of the program for opening offices in various regions.

December New program
Product program "Follow your dream"

Start of the program for buying household items that you dream of.

December New program
Program for the purchase of cars and real estate

Start of the program for buying cars or real estate.

January Return of the legend
Matrix program

Start of the program on a matrix basis.

February First NFT game
Instagram games

Start of the Games on a NFT basis.

March ICO

Release of our own token

April New program
Cloud Mining

Enabling cloud mining

May BlockChain
Content Block Chain

Create first content Block Chain

June Profit UP!
Crypto profit bot

Start of the crypto profit bot

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